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Landscape Planning Toronto

Landscape Planning Toronto: When it comes to landscape planning for your home our design experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your lot and use the information gleaned to recommend for or against the addition or creation of various landscape features. With several decades of combined landscaping experience the team at Top Mark Property Improvements are uniquely qualified to provide sound, innovative landscaping solutions that make the most of your property’s strengths while minimizing or indeed repairing any weaknesses. When you enlist Top Mark to handle your landscape planning in Toronto you’re getting the GTA’s best.

Landscape Planning for Toronto Homes: More Than Pretty Flowers

Sound landscape design is more than just creating flower beds and planting bushes. As such our landscape designers are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance the beauty of your yard while simultaneously buttressing its environmental viability. When it comes time to determine which manmade features may be most appropriate we have a wealth of options to draw on including:

  • Fences: Fences are commonly used to delineate property boundaries but they serve a plethora of other roles as well. A tempered glass fence can be used to maintain security around the pool while keeping sight lines open. Discrete, tastefully designed fences can be used to shield a patio or outdoor kitchen from seasonal winds and a privacy fence can assure your pool party comes off without the intrusion of prying eyes.
  • Retaining walls: Retaining walls of natural stone or precast blocks can provide visual accents, sound barriers, backdrops for new flower beds, support for a waterfall feature on a swimming pool and much more. The retaining walls we create for you will seem like natural features of the landscape and be built to stand up to the relentless onslaught of the Ontario climate.
  • Backyard decks: Few things will impact the experience of your home more than a beautifully crafted deck from Top Mark. Decks today are more than a simple platform on which to enjoy a burger. They’re the element that ties the indoors to the outdoors; the home to the yard. They’re the ultimate landscaping bridge and we can create one for you that will significantly increase the value of your whole property.
  • Interlocking: Interlocking pavers are the most durable of all components of a landscape plan. The interlocking pavers you install today could, in theory, still be in place centuries from now. But they not only provide you almost unlimited longevity they’re also incredibly flexible and can be repurposed to a different part of the property at any time. Ask us more about why they’re an indispensable part of landscape planning in Toronto.

Because we’re dedicated to first class landscape planning for Toronto homeowners we use only the highest grade, premium materials in the construction of our landscaping features. In addition we stay on the job until you are fully satisfied with the finished product. Your property is too important to take a chance by hiring rank amateurs. Call Top Mark Property Improvements today and see the difference experience makes.