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Exterior Staging Toronto

Exterior Staging Toronto: Most people are familiar with the process of home staging and most think of it as a fundamentally interior phenomenon. While it’s true that most home stagers focus their efforts on the interior of a home that is being offered for sale, we at Top Mark Property Improvements specialize in exterior staging of Toronto homes. It is, after all, the exterior of your home that prospective buyers first take the measure of as they disembark from their car or walk up to your front door.

Exterior Staging Toronto: Areas of Concentration

Studies conducted by the real estate industry have shown that if potential buyers don’t like what they see as they approach your home many of them will not even bother entering the house. Exterior staging by Top Mark typically focuses on the following areas:

  • The Front Yard/Lawn: Nothing will turn potential buyers off faster than a seedy, unkempt lawn with bare patches and perhaps standing water. Before we turn our attention to any other part of the home’s exterior we take whatever steps are necessary to make sure your lawn is a lush blanket of perfectly manicured green.
  • The Driveway: If you have a driveway it will be the first thing visitors/potential buyers see when they drive up to your house. They’ll feel every bump and take note of the state of the driveway surface when they exit their car. Avoid losing potentials at the driveway. Enlist the help of Top Mark exterior staging Toronto.
  • The Front Entrance: People need to be impressed by the entrance to your home. Not bowled over, but impressed. At the same time they need to feel comfortable and excited about what may lie behind the door. For the purposes of exterior staging no one knows how to achieve this balance better than the professionals at Top Mark.
  • Walkways: You can have the most spectacular entryway in Toronto but if the walkway leading up to the front door is a mess that’s all a potential buyer will remember. Whatever type of material is used to create your walkway it needs to be clean, weed free and level so no one will trip and fall.
  • The Backyard Deck: A backyard deck can be an enormous selling point if it’s in good shape. We’ll assess your deck from foundation to railings. We’ll address any weaknesses, repair any damage and introduce planters or other features that may liven up the deck environment.

Other things an exterior staging in Toronto will address include the creation of flower beds to provide a homey feel, making sure there’s no peeling or worn paint, checking that all porch and deck stairs are properly maintained and making sure all gutters and downspouts are working properly and look good.

If you’re about to put your home on the market call Top Mark Property Improvements first. We’ll make sure the home you offer for sale is one that will catch the eye of potential buyers the minute they spot it from the street.