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Exterior Planning and Design

Exterior Planning and Design: Exterior planning addresses the way your home interacts with, responds to and influences the surrounding environment. Sometimes mistaken for landscaping exterior design focuses more on the home itself, although there are certainly aspects of landscaping that will factor into a comprehensive and effective exterior plan. At Top Mark Property Improvements we utilize fundamental principles of exterior planning and design to transform ordinary homes into neighbourhood showcases.

Exterior Planning and Design Services from Top Mark

At Top Mark Property Improvements we’re leaders in the field of exterior design who thoroughly understand the science of presentation as it applies to large scale structures including:

  • The Importance of Balance: There are a number of ways to achieve balance and symmetry on a home exterior; some as simple as the right paint colours and others that may call for changing the colour of the shingles, altering the route of a pathway or even something as seemingly unrelated as a strategically placed flowering tree.
  • Proper Materials and Textures: A beautiful home exterior is never one that has been arrived at through luck. At Top Mark Property Improvements we understand the importance of carefully choosing materials and textures for a home that interact harmoniously with each other as well as the natural (and in some cases man-made) surroundings.
  • The Roof: We mentioned roofing shingles in passing but the roof deserves more attention. Unless you live in a hyper-modernist glass box ¼ to ⅓ of your home’s profile is roof. While it’s understandable why most people choose standard asphalt shingles your home may benefit greatly from an alternative roofing material like metal or slate.
  • The Garage Door: A poor choice of garage door has undermined the appearance of more homes than perhaps any other single element. Being such a large component of your home’s profile the garage door must bring something to the table design/appearance wise. The pros at Top Mark can show you how to make this happen.
  • The Entryway: The front door is where the outside world ends and the interior world begins. Although most people don’t give it much thought it wields incredible psychological power. Power that is almost always squandered from a presentation perspective. Let us show you how to turn your front door into a powerful focal point.
  • Lighting: In recent years exterior lighting has really come into its own as a means of providing security, navigational safety for family and guests and, perhaps most impressively, as a means of expressing and revealing structural truths about a home. A properly lit home is one that revels in its physical strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. It’s also one that acknowledges and pays tribute to its setting. Talk to us about lighting. It’s one of our favourite subjects.

There are certainly other important aspects of exterior planning and design you’ll want to discuss with the designers at Top Mark Property Improvements and we’re certain you’ll find the whole process both enjoyable and enlightening. Give us a call today to learn more about exterior planning and design.