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Concrete Repairs Toronto

Concrete Repairs Toronto: Invented by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago concrete has proven its usefulness over the centuries and is still the most dependable and most widely used building material in the world. But even concrete can break down, crack, subside or suffer a rash of other problems if it’s mixed improperly, poured improperly, set upon an unstable base or – as is the case in Toronto – subjected to repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Should your concrete sidewalk, driveway or patio need repair the professionals at Top Mark Property Improvements are the people to call.

Reliable and Affordable Concrete Repairs in Toronto by Top Mark

Concrete is an incredibly strong building material but it’s not impervious to damage. Should any of the concrete in and around you home be showing signs of age Top Mark can help. Among the many services we offer concrete repair for Toronto homeowners is one of our most popular and includes:

  • Concrete grinding and sealing
  • Crack and joint repair
  • Concrete overlayment
  • Epoxy injection
  • Polyurethane repair
  • and more…

Patio and Driveway Failures

Homeowners commonly find their large outdoor concrete slabs are in need of repair. This is because they’re subjected to the dreaded freeze/thaw cycle that causes the ground beneath them to expand and contract along with the temperature. All the upward and downward pressure weakens the slab and creates fissures or cracks that will only worsen with time if not attended to. Our concrete repair specialists typically approach the repair of most cracks in the following manner:

  • Thoroughly clean any cracks and remove loose pieces to create dirt free edges that will bond with the repair material.
  • Go over the edges of the cracks with a wire brush to ensure all debris is removed and then blow out the crack with high-pressure air.
  • Once the cracks are thorough clean and the surfaces ready to accept the repair material the cracks are filled using concrete sealer, pourable grout, textured caulk or another material.

In some cases it may also be necessary for our technicians to remove compromised expansion joint material in your driveway or on your patio and replace it. In other cases entire slab sections may need to be removed and replaced.

Epoxy Injection Repairs

Another popular and effective method for affecting concrete repairs in Toronto is by injecting epoxy directly into the cracks. If the cracks are the result of structural defects of some sort (rather than freeze/thaw cycles) we’ll determine the cause of the defect and correct it before administering the epoxy resin repair regimen. Once structural defects have been addressed the epoxy injection is undertaken. It penetrates deep into the fissure sealing the crack and preventing water and other materials from penetrating and further undermining the concrete.

In a very real way concrete provides the foundation of the modern age. But sometimes even concrete needs some TLC. If your patio or driveway looks more like a jigsaw puzzle than a smooth slab call Top Mark Property Improvements; the number one source for first-class concrete repairs in Toronto.