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Basement Renovations Toronto

Basement Renovations Toronto: A basement renovation will increase the living area of most homes by ⅓ or more, allow you to use energy more efficiently, open up new vistas for entertaining family and friends and increase the value of your home, often by a substantial degree. At Top Mark Property Improvements we help our clients get the most from their homes in a variety of ways, and that includes bringing the oft-neglected basement into the domestic fold.

Basement Renovations Toronto: Open Up the World Beneath Your Feet

Basement renovations in Toronto by Top Mark Property Improvements are the type of project that, in many ways, complete a home. When you enlist Top Mark to perform your basement renovation you can expect:

  • A trouble-free construction process: We handle every aspect of the renovation from design to clean up. Our craftsmen arrive at your home on Day 1 ready to get to work. We make sure we contain noise, dust and distractions and keep the disruptions to your homelife to an absolute minimum during the construction process.
  • Courteous, professional behaviour: Some contractors behave as though the client’s home is their playground. The highly-trained, experienced professionals from Top Mark by contrast understand they are there to provide a service and treat every part of your home and property as well as all your family members and any guests with the utmost respect.
  • Competitive pricing: We understand that you work as hard for your money as we do for ours and so we strive to eliminate waste from all of our projects in order to provide you with the most competitive price possible. You’ll never find any mysterious, last minute charges on your bill and never need worry that we’ll go ahead with changes to the agreed plan without consulting you first and getting your approval.
  • Top-notch design: The basement we build out for you won’t be four walls, a dehumidifier and a pool table sitting at an odd angle on an uneven floor. Our designers are top class professionals who know how to create engaging, tasteful spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. The word you’re likely to hear most when you show friends and neighbours your new basement is “Wow”.
  • More efficient use of energy: Properly conducted basement renovations in Toronto can actually save you money on your energy bills by replacing the empty icebox your first floor used to sit above with a fully insulated and heated area. As such heating the upper floors will now cost you substantially less and you may even find your energy bills are close to a wash, in spite of the fact that you now have a lot more liveable space.

Basement renovations in Toronto are a much neglected way to unlock the true potential of your home. The design and construction pros at Top Mark Property Improvements will be happy to discuss possibilities with you and provide you with the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about finishing your home with a basement renovation.