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About Us

Top Mark specializes in exterior staging & planning as well as decorative natural stone, retaining walls, wooden fences, basement renovations, landscape planning, and concrete repairs in Toronto

Over the last few decades, there have been many changes in housing market. Homes have become more expensive, and the value of landscaping and maintaining both the interior and exterior of the home has added value and prestige to our most valued investments.

The design and maintenance of your home’s appearance should not be taken lightly, since curb appeal is paramount in establishing the prestige and re-sale value of your property.

Our team of professionals can help you design and implement a plan to upgrade your home’s appearance at a pace and budget that is comfortable to you.

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We value our relationship with our clients, and strive to provide the best service possible. Our goal is to continue to serve you and your neighbours – to provide quality workmanship at fair prices. Over the years have built up a valuable network of related trades, and we can usually recommend someone to provide a service, even if we are unable to fulfill the task. Please feel free to contact us – whatever the job. If we can’t do the job, perhaps we can refer you to someone who can.